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Libigal Pack
₦ 15000


Quincy Slimming Garri
₦ 11000 (SML), 19000 (BIG)


Yoyo Bitters
₦ 1000

For Diabetic Potentials


KOLAQalagbo.com is coined out from the ideas of Kolaq Intercontinental Herbs Ltd , (The Pacesetter In Herbal World).

Nigeria’s Most Realiable Online Herbal Market.

We specialize in the sale and consultancy of natural health care products made from the best natural ingredients produced in Nigeria and other global communities blessed with curative herbs.


  • The healing comes from NATURE and not from Physician, therefore Physician Must start from nature with an open mind. - PARACELSUS
  • Herbs is the Healing of the Nation. - REVEALATION 22:2
  • It is Better to have a cupboard full of Herbs than a closet full of heels.
  • You dont have to do something exotic to enjoy benefits of natural healing agents ,So many things in your kitchen i.e spieces ,Food, Herbs have powerful healing agents as well - Chris Kilham
  • Diet is essential key to all successful healing. Without proper balanced diets,the effectiveness of herbal healing is limited .
  • Take A Quiet Walk With Mother Nature .It Will Nurture Your Mind ,Body &Soul - Anthony Douglas
  • Herbs have dozens, if not Hundereds Of Compounds In Them- Stephen Bent
  • Every Breath is a give away between you and the Plants.
  • The Nature Forces within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well - HIppocrates
  • And the earth brought forth grass and herbs yeilding seed...and GOD saw that it was good. - GEN 1:12

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